Eudora support will be discontinued 
We had used QUALCOMM Eudora as our mail client since 1997. Today, we decide to move from Eudora to Microsoft Outlook, because Outlook has more powerful features. All our products related to Eudora, including GBHZ plugin, will be discontinued. Say good bye to Eudora.

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How to select an item in the font listbox 
This question is the most common question on Font List & Combo Box control. You can set SelFontName to a specific font.
FontList1.SelFontname = "Tahoma"

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NTPort Library 2.6.1 is released 
We release NTPort Library 2.6.1.

This is a hotfix. Recently, Some users reported that Setup program can't start NTPort Library Driver, and the error number is 1073. This error will occur when the driver path in the user's registry is incorrect.

We only update the Setup program of full version and stand-alone Driver Setup program.

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Our products are included in Borland partner discs 
Zeal SoftStudio is a Borland Technology Partner(BTP), and we keep our products to work well with Borland Delphi, C++Buiilder, C#Builder and JBuilder. Borland released Borland Developer Studio 2006(Delphi, C#Builder and C++Builder) and included NTPort Library and MemAccess Library into the partner DVD again. Both products were passed Borland's test. In the latest version of JBuilder 2006, NTPort Library was also included in the partner CD.

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Postcard from Israel 
I wrote some postcardwares, also called cardwares, which can used without any charge, but I wish users can send me a postcard, not an e-mail. I got a postcard from an Israel user of Shortcuts Map. Because I'm interested in bird stamps, so the kind user adhered some bird stamps to the back of this postcard.

Here is the face.

I want to thank all users who sent me a postcard, and I'm encouraged to write more software by these postcards.

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Instant download support for PayPal users 
Now, if you purchase a product via PayPal, you can immediately get an e-mail with download link of registered version. But if purchase a source code product or upgrade version, your order need be approved by one of our stuff, so the registered copy will be available in 24 hours.

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We are testing PayPal 
Several users strongly recommended us to use PayPal to accept their payments. Previously, we have primarily used Kagi's service to process online orders since 1997. Now you can use either Kagi or PayPal to purchase our products. You can find PayPal shopping carts at our order page.

Please notes:

1. We manually process the order from PayPal now, so please allow one or two workdays to deliver the download link and registration code. We are working on an automatic delivery system for PayPal and will release it soon. The customers who register via Kagi will get an e-mail with download link of registered version immediately.

2. As of July 1, 2003, new VAT regulations apply within the European Union (EU). VAT is due if a private customer in the EU purchases an electronically-delivered product from a publisher located outside the EU. The VAT rate is dependent on the location of the customer. Kagi can handle VAT. So if you are a citizen of EU, we recommend you to use Kagi's service.

We are looking forward to your feedback.

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Do you use Bloglines? 
One of my friends recommended instead of my desktop RSS reader. is a great site, where you can know who subscribed the same blog. But I can't subscribe my own site via It is strange that my site is powered by Simple PHP Blog and I can subscribe some blogs used Simple PHP Blog in Bloglines. I tried to use Atom link,, and it worked well. I think it is a bug of

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