Color ComboBox ActiveX Control 1.05 was released 
We released an update version Color ComboBox ActiveX Control, version 1.5, in this week.

In this version, each item's fore color and background color can be individually modified via ItemForeColor and ItemBackColor property. Please refer to ItemColor sample for details.

Another new feature is CustomColor sample. This Visual Basic sample is used to demonstrate how to launch the color selection wizard and get the selected color without using the Edit button, when users select "Custom Color". This sample was requested by one of our value customers.

Please download free evaluation version from here.

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REALBasic is not so good as expected. 
REAL Software will offer "stranded" Visual Basic (VB) users free upgrades to REALbasic through March 31. I download REALBasic 5.5.5 and got a license key yesterday. I also found a good tutorial. I tested it with CheckListBox activex and Color ComboBox activex control.

The converter provided by REALBasic can convert most Visual Basic code into REALBasic, but if failed to convert activex control. It simply replaced the activex control wtih a canvas control. I still need to manually modify some code just like using VB.NET upgrade wizard. But the REALBasic's syntax is remarkably different with Vsiual Basic's, especially on ActiveX controls, so I need more time to learn it.

With my primary test, CheckListBox can be used at design time, but when my program was going to run, the control disappeared without any errors. Color ComboBox seemed all right with REALBasic. I'll test REALBasic later to know why.

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